Self Employed Loan


For the self employed you can get non status loans (otherwise known as self employed loans) where you do not need to prove your monthly income. There are many lenders who, in most cases are happy to give you a loan at the same rate as employed people.

These are available from a wide variety of lenders and can be tailored to suit your individual financial circumstances. For example, if you have an adverse credit history or bad credit rating, such as mortgage arrears, credit card problems or payment defaults, you can still apply for a non status loan.

A Self employed loan is usually secured on your home although for some people unsecured loans may be available too.

The loan can be used for any purpose and for any amount from 1000 to 1 million.

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Loans for the self employed used to be hard to find and expensive. But today, with more and more people working for themselves, non status loans are not only more widely available than ever, but as interest rates have fallen to their lowest in years, more affordable. So whether you're a contractor or you run your own business, whether you have certified accounts or no proof of income, you can still raise finance with a secured or unsecured loan.

If you can't prove how much you earn, there are lenders who will allow you to self certify your income. If you have certified accounts, you can look for a loan that offers similar rates and benefits to those you would enjoy if you were employed.

If you are a homeowner and your property is worth more than the mortgage owed on it, you can borrow against that equity with a secured loan to raise cash for whatever you want. You could consolidate your existing debts and pay off mortgage arrears, bills, credit cards or overdrafts.