Personal Loan

Unsecured personal loans are available from 1000 to 1 million, and the loan can be completed within 48 hours. Generally, you should have a good credit history in order to be accepted for these types of loan.

Secured personal loans are available for any amount (1000 to 1 million) and people with a bad credit history eg defaults, county court judgements (CCJs), mortgage arrears, ex-bankrupts and IVA can be accepted.

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The reason that this type of loan is called "personal" is because someone who takes one out is likely to need the money for personal reasons. You could also take out a loan with your mortgage provider. Most people take out a loan to pay for large items for example a new car or exotic foreign holidays etc.

The most popular type is the unsecured personal loan and the market is very competitive, although if you have a bad credit history and you are a home owner then it will be easier for you to get a personal secured loan.

Another way of using a personal loan is to get a new loan and restructure all of your other debts in to one single payment using what is known as a debt consolidation loan. You may have a few credit card debts, and maybe one or two personal loans as well. You can get the repayments for these "restructured" into a smaller payment per month in total over a longer period than normal, which is how they make the payments smaller. The loan is normally large enough to cover the debts you want to consolidate. However, it is not unusual for people to take out a consolidation loan that adds up to more than the amount they wish to pay off. This is in order to get access to a particular lump sum in order to fund home improvements or maybe a car. These are usually secured personal loans so make sure you can afford the payments.