Home Improvement Loan

These are available to the employed, self employed, retired and those with a poor credit history.

These are available as either secured or unsecured and a home improvement loan can be used for absolutely any purpose from a new kitchen to a conservatory, house extension to re-carpeting your home and if you choose a secured loan the rate will be the lowest available for your personal circumstances.

Loans for home improvement can be for any amount from 1000 to 1 million.

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A loan for carrying out home improvements can either be an extension on your mortgage or via a separate secured or unsecured loan from a different loan company.

All lenders will be happy to lend you money for this, as you are increasing the value of property that the loan or mortgage is secured against, hence there's more security to cover the outstanding debt.

If you are buying another property and want money to renovate it straight away, then it makes sense to use your mortgage lender for both the home improvement loan and the mortgage. You can actually buy your property and organise a home improvement loan at the same time. The way to do this is to add up the home improvement loan and the mortgage amount and check that it doesn't add up to more that the property's value.

If you just want to improve your existing home then getting a separate loan from a different lender is probably the best way to go because then you will not be tempted to increase your mortgage thus paying the amount back over 25 years with all the extra interest that will need to be paid. By getting your home improvement finance through us, even though you won't receive the mortgage rate, you will find yourself able to obtain a favourable loan rate over any repayment period that you choose.

It may also be possible to get special home improvement loans. These deals may feature money advanced to you in slices, which take account of home improvement work costs being difficult to predict.